We offer overnight boarding for dogs & cats, plus a few pocket pets.

Our rates are as follows: effective January 1st, 2023


  • Small dog (chihuahua, toy poodle size up to 8kg) – $25
  • Medium/large (eg: Belgian Shepherd, border collie, Staffordshire terrier size 8kg to 30kg) dog – $33
  • X-large dog (eg: German Shepherd size 30kg to 50kg) – $37
  • Giant dog (eg: Great Dane size 50kg +) – $40


Cats: all $22 per night

Rabbits, guinea pigs, birds etc $15 per night

Medication: We are able to administer medication to your pet, however a small fee does apply. Please ensure you advise us at time of making the booking if your pet requires medication. If for any chance your pet requires medication or additional supplements added and we have not been previously notified, an additional fee will be applied to your account.

Aggressive dogs: although some dogs may appear aggressive at first, they often settle down after the first night and we understand this. However, if your dog is aggressive towards staff here at GV Kennels, we WILL call you to come and collect your pet. Please understand, we do not make this call lightly and we will always have your dog’s interest at heart, as well as our safety.

Out of hours Collection/Drop off Fee: if you need to drop off or collect your pet outside of our working hours, there is a fee of $50 that will be applied to your boarding fees. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate in asking us.

For our full terms and conditions, head over to our terms page.

Day Care: Not available atm.

Dogs Day out day care – we do things a bit differently here at GV Kennels. When your pet (s) come into our day care, they will have a day filled with fun activities, supervised socialization with other dogs in small groups and we can toss in a little training as well (if requested)

Tuesdays and Thursdays – only

Drop off is between 8am and 10am and pick up is between 4pm and 6pm

Training: for advice, please call Jody on 0419 114 394

We are always happy to offer advice on the best training solutions for you and your pet.


Pet Supplies: Shop open Mon to Fri 9 – 11am & 4 – 6pm Sat 9am – 12pm

other times by appointment

We have a small shop onsite and currently stock many items for dogs and cats, including toys, dog & cat food, treats, worming products, supplements, shampoos, some whelping supplies, harnesses, leads and collars.

Why not pop in and have a look… we are expanding all the time, getting in new items and new lines.

We currently sell, feed and recommend Lifewise Premium Pet food and Prime 100.